Thursday, 9 February 2012


After a disappointing start to the season, I was determined to get out ringing at the weekend. Saturday morning was out due to other commitments and with the big snow event on Saturday evening the chances of getting to our site Sunday were not looking good.

Freezing cold

An early drive, on roads you could have sledged down, paid off as all the muppet drivers were still in bed. On arrival it was -9, by far the coldest I’ve ever ringed in, so I decide just the one net would suffice today. Targeting Yellowhammers at one of our large corn feeders I managed to pick off 14 more with 7 retraps from previous years. Hopefully, it’ll be cold but not quiet so cold next weekend.

18 New birds and (15 retraps) – Yellowhammer 14(7), Dunnock (4), Chaffinch 1(1), Tree Sparrow 1(1), Great Tit 1, Reed Bunting 1, Robin (1), Blackbird (1).

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